Confused About
The Affordable Care Act?
Let a Highly Experienced Health Insurance Broker
Guide You Through The Maze.

If the selection of a health plan is confusing take advantage of my 30 years of experience and let me assist you.

I will listen to your concerns and can help you find the plan and benefits that best suits
your needs at the lowest possible cost. I can also help you find the financial subsidy you are
entitled to that may even further lower your costs. You can have access to many health insurance
providers such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Kaiser, and Sharp.

The internet only gives you numbers without much understanding and concern
for your personal situation. Calling the insurance company directly
only puts you in touch with an employee who has to tell you only
what the company wants you to hear. It's a real problem.

The best part about working with me is that there is absolutely
no cost to you for my service as I get compensated directly by
the insurance companies. Your cost is the same if you use
my services or go directly to them.

If you need a health plan for your business or group, I can
help you as well.

Call Bernard Jaffe at 619-299-5255 or contact me
and be certain you have the best plan and rates for
your individual circumstances.